Victim Advocacy Program Outreach Services

Victim Advocacy Program Outreach Services

Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, you are welcome to request virtual outreach.
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In addition to providing direct services for survivors with disabilities, DRW’s Victim Advocacy Program (VAP) also provides outreach about our services to organizations, agencies, businesses, or other group environments to share more knowledge and resources about how we as a community can all understand how to better advocates for our fellow community members, co-workers, friends, and family members who may be survivors with disabilities. While people with disabilities can and do lead whole, empowered, and independent lives, due to ableism and other social injustices, unfortunately, they are twice as more likely to be victims of abuse or harassment according to national statistics.

Our VAP Outreach presentations offer an overview of how our victim advocates can support people with disabilities who have experienced victimization such as harassment, abuse, or any other crime. Some topics that can be covered by our presentations are: an introduction to victim rights and disability rights; a summary of how victim advocacy can assist in navigating legal, medical, and other support systems; and more. Our advocates can also collaborate on a variety of outreach activities, awareness events, and opportunities for community engagement for your group. Please fill out our presentation request form if you would like one of these services from our VAP outreach staff.

Presentations and Trainings

Explore our outreach service offerings to see which might be most appropriate for your group. All our services can include ASL interpretation and spoken language interpretation, if needed. Please call us at 608-267-0214 and connect to DRW’s VAP outreach specialist, if you have any questions! Broadly, we offer the following categories:

  • Presentations and trainings to service provider organizations who regularly serve people with disabilities (such as disability service agencies, elderly serving agencies, guardianship agencies, etc.)
  • Presentations and trainings for professionals who regularly work with survivors of violence (such as health service providers, medical and social work personnel, RAs, and more)
  • Customized outreach for groups who would like their members to be informed about victim advocacy for people with disabilities  (such as college courses, workplaces, communities of faith, sports teams, student organizations, and more)

Outreach & Community Activities

In addition to formal presentations, we can provide other outreach services and community activities, such as the following:

Representative on a Panel

DRW Outreach staff are a valuable addition to panels of speakers at conferences, speaking engagements, and other events – when victim/survivor advocacy for people with disabilities is a prominent topic, our advocates or outreach staff presence can contribute.

Informational Table

If you would like to offer DRW as a resource at your event, you may request a DRW representative to share information about our services and answer questions about our agency. If you would like further resources or informational literature only (and not a representative), please email to make your request.

Disability Awareness Months & Days

DRW proudly provides the opportunity to inform and celebrate Disability Awareness days and months with the community. If you are interested in collaborating and/or helping organize events and/or outreach events for any of the Disability Awareness Months & Days, please call DRW at

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