Board of Directors

Board of Directors

Disability Rights Wisconsin is committed to creating a diverse and culturally competent Board of Directors and to ensure culturally competent services to our clients. We strive to create a welcoming and inclusive environment for individuals with diverse identities and focus our services on injustices that occur at the intersection of disability and other marginalized identities.

Pete Sayner|Peter Sayner|Peter Sayner|Peter Sayner|Peter Sayner

Pete Sayner, President

La Crosse, WI

James Powell|James Powell

James (JP) Powell, Vice President

Sun Prairie, WI

Pearl Fessenden|Pearl Fessenden

Pearl Fessenden, Secretary

Rhinelander, WI

Theresa Zenchenko|Theresa Zenchenko|Theresa Zenchenko|Theresa Zenchenko|Thersa Zenchenko|Theresa Zenchenko|Theresa Zenchenko

Theresa Zenchenko, Treasurer

Evansville, WI

Saphronia Purnell-Carson|Saphronia Purnell-Carson|Saphronia Purnell-Carson

Saphronia Purnell-Carson

Green Bay, WI

Teresa Wargo|Teresa Wargo|Teresa Wargo|Teresa Wargo

Teresa Wargo

Pulaski, WI

Delores Sallis|Delores Sallis|Delores Sallis|Delores Sallis

Delores Sallis

Milwaukee, WI

Disability Rights Wisconsin seeks candidates to serve on its

Board of Directors

Disability Rights Wisconsin:

  • Protects the rights of people with disabilities through legal advocacy and by challenging systems to improve public policy
  • Embraces the values of diversity, dignity, independence, accessibility, inclusion, human rights, and liberation
  • Is dedicated to ending abuse and discrimination against all people with disabilities
  • Strives to create a welcoming and inclusive environment for individuals with diverse identities; focuses on injustices that occur at the intersection of disability and other marginalized and historically oppressed identities

If you believe in the same values and are committed to disability rights, we may have a chair for you at our table!

DRW is looking for energetic, passionate people to:

  • Share your skills and experience to benefit DRW
  • Engage in long-term goal setting for DRW and monitor the implementation and progress in meeting goals
  • Help build community networks
  • Help gather community input by meeting with persons/groups throughout the state to hear their concerns regarding issues faced by people with disabilities
  • Monitor DRW’s financial health
  • Act as positive ambassadors for the organization and participate in influencing policy decisions that impact the disability community

Our expectations are simple:

  • Quarterly meetings: meetings occur all day on Saturdays; in person attendance is required, with consideration for accommodation requests
  • Committee meetings: to actively serve on at least one Board committee; meetings occur in between board meetings by phone/video conference; may require some activity between committee meetings
  • Outreach: to participate in outreach activities as needed and available
  • Fundraising/Financial contribution: to participate in fundraising activities as needed, including providing a financial contribution to DRW as your personal finances allow


Complete an online Expression of Interest form or call 1-800-928-8778 to request a paper copy to be sent to you.