Are you passionate about disability rights? Do you want to help make sure others can use and enjoy the full extent of their rights, and have the best quality of life?

People with disabilities still face prejudice and bias in many ways. People with disabilities are stereotypically portrayed in movies and the media. They still face physical barriers to schools, housing and to voting stations; and often, they lack affordable health care.

The promise of the ADA isn't fully realized yet, but the disability rights movement continues to make steps towards empowerment and self-determination for Americans with disabilities.

By helping Disability Rights Wisconsin, other disability organizations/groups, and grassroots efforts, you help to ensure equal access and equal treatment of people with disabilities.

Make change happen, Volunteer

Ways to Volunteer at Disability Rights Wisconsin

Volunteer at Disability Rights Wisconsin by contacting us by email at careers@drwi.org or phone at 800-928-8778.