VAWA Documents

VAWA Documents

When Deaf and Hearing Meet: Until We Can Communicate With Ease

A workbook for Hearing People connected to the Domestic Violence, Sexual Assault, Disability, and Related Programs.

Victims/Survivors who use Service Animals

Understanding the Connection: Traumatic Brain Injury and Violence

This booklet explains why Traumatic Brain Injury is important to screen for in cases of domestic abuse, and goes over how to screen for traumatic brain injury.

The Legacy Log of the Group of Learning and Infusion

This booklet is our effort to communicate about one of the initiatives used in Wisconsin’s Violence Against Women with Disabilities and Deaf Women Project to achieve sustainable systems change regarding the abuse of women with disabilities.

Self-assessment Tool for Ensuring Access for People with Disabilities

This tool is to be used by sexual assault and domestic violence programs to review their
programs and services to ensure that people with disabilities have equal access and an equal opportunity to participate.

P&As Can’t Do It Alone

This resource guide is designed to promote the necessity for and benefits to Protection and Advocacy agencies joining with state and local sexual assault and domestic violence coalitions and programs to forge powerful partnerships on issues of violence against women with disabilities and Deaf women.

In Wisconsin, Treatment Never Includes Sex

Cross Training Workbook

This is a workbook. It is not a textbook on domestic violence, sexual assault, stalking, or women with disabilities.

Creating Safety by Asking What Makes People Vulnerable?

As a society, we consider some people more vulnerable than others.

Conversations about Interpersonal Safety

Helping individuals create more safety for themselves and talk about events and situations that concern them.

Confidentiality of Information and Records: A Guide for Programs Working with Women with Disabilities who are Survivors of Sexual Assault or Domestic Violence

This paper represents background information for a work in progress of the Violence Against Women with Disabilities Project.

Accessibility Guide For Domestic Violence and Sexual Assault Service Providers

Accessibility is a large and varied topic. This Guide is designed to assist you in your role with a domestic violence and/or sexual assault services program to learn about and then address the scope of what encompasses accessibility.

Access From an Interpersonal Angle

We have learned that in addition to the legal requirements, full access or genuine access involves more than measurable minimum standards.

A Practical Guide For Creating Trauma-Informed Disability, Domestic Violence and Sexual Assault Organizations

An exciting and transformative component of 21st century work among disability, domestic violence and sexual assault services organizations is the recognition that together we have the capacity to positively impact the intervention with and recovery and healing of so many individuals with disabilities who have experienced or currently are experiencing violence in their lives.