Action Alert: Support Funding for Students with Disabilities


The state Legislature’s Joint Finance Committee is only considering a small increase in special education funding for the upcoming state budget, despite the testimonies of many families, school districts, and education advocates. It’s possible that there may be no increase at all in the planned budget.

Currently, the state is paying less than 29% of the costs to educate students with disabilities. A survey of families of students with disabilities during the pandemic reported that 3 in 4 families have seen skill regression and 2 in 3 families are experiencing behavior concerns.

Wisconsin must do better!

Action Alert

Here’s how you can help support students with disabilities state-wide:

  1. Action: Call 608-315-5351 to connect to the Joint Finance Budget Committee by Thursday (5/27) morning before their final votes to urge them to fund at least 50% of special education costs!
    • Follow the given steps and once you put in your ZIP code, you will be connected to the first member of the Joint Finance Committee.
    • We challenge you to stay on the line and connect to all 16 committee members, once after another!
  2. Action: Share this alert with others (families, education advocates, teachers, students with disabilities, community members and partners) and encourage them to call as well. You can share this information from our social media below: