Take Action: Tell the U.S. Census Bureau to Ensure People with Disabilities are Counted!


Take Action Now!

In September, the U.S. Census Bureau proposed changes to the disability questions in the American Community Survey (known as the U.S. Census) that will, as drafted, have a strong possibility of undercounting the disability population. This would lead to reduced funding for critical federal programs and loss of critical data demonstrating the needs of the community. These changes were crafted with no involvement or consultation with the disability community before they were released.

Now is the time to say how important this data is and that no changes should be implemented without consultation with the disability community! Comments on these changes are currently being accepted by the Census Bureau until December 19, 2023. You can submit comments via two options:


The American Community Survey (ACS) is an annual survey of the United States’ population that helps guide how federal funds are distributed throughout the country. The American Community Survey (ACS), and specifically the disability questions in the survey, is one of the very few sets of data we have from the federal government about the disability population in the United States. This information is critical in formulating federal, state, and local policymaking and funding which impacts the disability community.

The proposed changes are noted in the American Community Survey 2025 Content Changes Federal Register Notice.

Learn about the disability questions in the American Community Survey and their impact here.