June 1st 2022 Virtual Session: Info and Input on DRW’s Mental Health Advocacy

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DRW’s Protection and Advocacy for Individuals with Mental Illnesses (PAIMI) program provides advocacy assistance to protect the human and civil rights of children and adults with serious mental health conditions. This work is supported by a PAIMI Advisory Council, who advises DRW’s staff and the Board of Directors on policies and issues that affect people with mental illnesses and helps to set priorities for the PAIMI program.

Join us on June 1st!

DRW’s PAIMI Advisory Council invites you to a virtual session to learn about DRW’s PAIMI advocacy assistance and systemic work. Learn more about DRW’s new Do-It-Yourself Guide to Filing a Patient/Client Grievance, share your ideas on the supports you think are most important for people with mental health needs to support their recovery and live successfully in the community, and provide suggestions on priorities for DRW’s mental health advocacy.

The session is open to all via Zoom. We are especially interested in hearing from people who receive mental health services, as well as family members and service providers.


  • Welcome: Tim Saubers, DRW PAIMI Advisory Council Chair
  • Featured Speaker: DRW’s Ellie Jarvie, Lead Advocacy Specialist
    Ellie will share information about DRW’s new Do-It-Yourself Guide to Filing a Patient/Client Grievance and discuss supporting people with self advocacy and asserting their rights.
  • Discussion: Share your questions and suggestions, facilitated by the DRW PAIMI Advisory Council.

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Meeting Registration

Pre-registration is required. Register via Zoom here.

Accommodation Requests

Captioning will be provided for this Zoom event. To request other disability-related accommodations, e-mail barbara.beckert@drwi.org by May 19th. We will do our best to address requests received after that date.