2023 National Missing and Murdered Indigenous Women Week

The background is a gradiented red, with an arrowhead pointing to the right towards text "2023 National Week of Action for Missing and Murdered Indigenous Women from May 1 to May 7" and organized by the National Indigenous Women's Resource Center.

From May 1 to May 7, National Missing and Murdered Indigenous Women Week (M.M.I.W) is a national call to action in honor of missing and murdered Indigenous women. During this week, it is time to stand up for Native families and relatives who are left behind.

24% of Indigenous Americans and Alaskan Natives have a disability, compared with 19% in the general population. Many are either unserved or underserved, which exacerbates the disproportionately higher occurrences of violence against them because of the intersections between genocide, colonization, and violence against women. Missing and murdered Indigenous women and their families deserve justice and it is increasingly important that non-Natives learn more about the MMIW crisis facing the Indigenous community in Wisconsin.

How can you participate?