Comment on DRW’s Statement of PADD Goals and Priorities for 2023

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DRW is currently seeking input on our proposed Statement of Goals and Priorities to protect and advocate on behalf of people with intellectual and developmental disabilities in 2023. The goals and priorities, contained within our plan for federal funding that we receive for protection and advocacy for people with developmental disabilities, identify areas where we expect to devote the funding.

View the proposed Statement of Goals and Priorities for 2023 here (accessible PDF).

Submitting Comments

Comments should be received by December 9, 2022. You may comment on this plan by email, mail, or any other means by which you communicate.

Mail: To comment by regular U.S. Mail, address comments to:

Disability Rights Wisconsin
ATTN: Melanie Cairns
1502 West Broadway, Suite 201
Madison, WI 53713

Email: To comment by email, contact Melanie Cairns at with “PADD Comment” in the subject line.

Other Methods: To comment by any other means, please call (or have someone call on your behalf) Disability Rights Wisconsin at 800-928-8778 to arrange any accommodation that may be necessary to allow you to comment.