Disability Pride Month 2022

Redesigned Disability Pride Flag by Anne Magill, which has muted but bright colors in a diagonal band from top left to bottom right.

In the month of July, we celebrate the diversity and history of the disability community in the United States for Disability Pride Month. On July 26th, 1990, the Americans with Disabilities Act was signed into law, prohibiting discrimination on basis of disabilities.

We recognize that disability is a natural part of life that intersects with so many aspects of identity, from race to gender to socioeconomic class and that today, disability advocates and activists are still fighting for a person’s right to independence, self-determination, and the greatest possible quality of life. This becomes even more important when remembering that the disability community is one of the largest minority populations in the United States, comprising around 21% of Wisconsin’s population.

Learn more about Disability Pride Month and the experiences of people with disabilities below:

Image Credit: Disability Pride Flag by Ann Magill