Disability Rights Wisconsin in The Big Share 2024!

The Big Share logo, with the text 10th anniversary below it.
DRW staff group photo, paired with logos for the Big Share 2024, TASC, and Madison Partners.

About The Big Share 2024

Disability Rights Wisconsin, a member organization of Community Shares Wisconsin, will be part of The Big Share 2024, on March 5, 2024. This online day of giving is a positive way to donate to Disability Rights Wisconsin and to impact our vital work.

For 10 years, Community Shares of Wisconsin has hosted The Big Share to support 70 nonprofit organizations like Disability Rights Wisconsin which strives to protect the rights of individuals with disabilities and keep them free from abuse and neglect in Wisconsin.

Our new Executive Director, Jill Jacklitz, is taking the helm this year! Hear from her about how Disability Rights Wisconsin steps in to support Wisconsinites with disabilities in pursuing dignity, equality, and self-determination:

View this video on Youtube directly here.

How can you support Disability Rights Wisconsin?

Help us reach our goal of $12,000! It only takes a few moments to support us, and here are some ways that you can show it during The Big Share:

1. DONATE to Disability Rights Wisconsin here!

Get the most from your contribution by donating during our 2 – 3 p.m. Power Hour on March 5. We have 3 Match sponsors – Total Administrative Services Corporation, Madison Partners, and Jill Jacklitz, our Executive Director.

2. Learn about DRW’s work!

This week, we will roll out videos sharing about how DRW contributes to social change in Wisconsin via our Facebook, Youtube, and LinkedIn pages. Spread the videos to your networks by liking and sharing them!

You can find our upcoming Big Share videos in The Big Share 2024 Playlist via Youtube.

3. Be a fundraiser for Disability Rights Wisconsin!

Create your personal peer-to-peer fundraising page!

You can start your personal fundraiser by going to our Big Share page, click the Fundraise button underneath our organization name, then follow the steps in the form that appears.

4. Help spread the word!

Share our Big Share campaign link with your friends and networks to support Disability Rights Wisconsin. You can follow us on Facebook to catch and share our Big Share posts!

Learn more about Disability Rights Wisconsin

To learn more about the work we do that benefits from your support, check out the following links:

Thank you for supporting Disability Rights Wisconsin