DIY Guide to Filing a Patient/Client Grievance Now Available!

An purple-toned image of a person writing onto a notebook page with a pencil. The text reads "Do It Yourself Guide to Filing a Patient or Client Grievance".

Ever feel like your rights were violated by someone who was treating you for a mental illness?

Ever feel like your family member or ward with an intellectual disability was not treated fairly by a provider agency?

If so, you have the right under Wisconsin law to complain about how you were treated. DRW has developed a self-help packet that will guide you, step by step, through the process of filing a grievance against a provider.

The free and fully accessible packet explains:
• what rights you have as a patient or client;
• how to draft an effective grievance;
• how quickly you should receive a response;
• how to appeal a decision you don’t agree with.

View the DHS 94 Do-It-Yourself Guide here (accessible pdf)

This resource can also be found in our Client Rights page in our Resource Center and in our Advocate page here.