DRW PAIMI Priorities survey

Your voice matters!

The DRW PAIMI Advisory Council wants to hear from you about your suggested priorities for DRW’s mental health advocacy.  DRW’s PAIMI program provides advocacy assistance to protect the human and civil rights of children and adults with serious mental health conditions.  PAIMI stands for “Protection and Advocacy for Individuals with Mental Illness”.

DRW’s PAIMI advocacy is supported by a PAIMI Advisory Council. The Council helps DRW board of directors and staff set priorities for the PAIMI program and advises the board on policies and issues that affect people with mental illness. The Council also serves as a liaison to the communities its members represent.

The Council invites members of the public to complete our survey.  We are especially interested in hearing from people who receive mental health services.  We also appreciate your sharing the survey on social media.

Complete the DRW PAIMI Priorities survey.