DRW seeks public comment on our 2022 plan for advocacy for people with IDD

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DRW invites public comment on its 2022 plan for protection and advocacy on behalf of people with intellectual and developmental disabilities. These comments will be used in consideration for areas to devote our Federal PADD funding to.

Goals that DRW plans on are:

  1. Decrease the risk of abuse and neglect of people with disabilities in institutions and the community.
  2. Ensure that people have access to high-quality, community-based support services and a long-term support system that promotes self-direction and care in the least restrictive and most integrated setting.
  3. Reduce discrimination against people with intellectual and developmental disabilities (IDD) in employment, promote accessibility in facilities and programming, and ensure that employment for people with these disabilities occurs in the most integrated settings possible.
  4. Improve the special education system’s response to children with IDD by reducing the incidence of segregated educational experiences, increasing availability of adequate mental health services, and ensuring meaningful, most integrated transition experiences for all students with IDD.
  5. Increase the likelihood that people with disabilities receive services and supports in the least restrictive, most integrated setting and with the least imposition of their liberty as possible.
  6. Protect the rights of people with disabilities in the context of the COVID-19 Pandemic.

Read the draft PADD plan with full details and instructions for submitting comments here (accessible pdf). Comments are due by November 30, 2021.