DRW Testimony AB 898 – Voting after Registration

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DRW provided testimony regarding AB 898 at the February 13th Assembly Committee on Campaigns and Elections hearing. DRW’s testimony shared our concern about the provision in AB 898 which would require voters who register to vote electronically or by mail, to vote for the first time after such registration, in person at the polling place or by in-person absentee ballot.

Lack of access to transportation, accessibility issues at Wisconsin polling places, and fluctuating symptoms or other disability related conditions that on any given day can make it difficult to go out, are just some of the barriers that can make it difficult for many voters with disabilities to get to the polling site to vote. We are concerned that requiring newly registered voters to vote in-person at their polling place or clerk’s office will keep some people with disabilities and older adults from being able to cast their votes.

DRW Testimony on AB-898 (accessible pdf)

Text of AB-898