DRW urges DHS to go back to the drawing board on its proposed “Medicaid Managed Care Quality Strategy.”

DHS Building

Reading the new Wisconsin Department of Health Services’ Medicaid Managed Care Quality
Strategy, we at DRW found it to be broad and unspecific regarding what measures will be put in place and how theywill be carried out. The specific data collection methodologies are not listed. Thus, it is difficult to discern what DHS’s vision for quality measurement is.

Our initial recommendation is that DHS withdraw this document and prepare one that complies with the mandates of 42 C.F.R § 438.340 (2016). That revised strategy document should then be released for a new public comment period.

We offer specific comments on how managed care delivery quality may be improved in the following document:

DRW Comments-Managed Care Quality Strategy 4-20-2018