DRW’s Mental Health Advocacy Assistance: Virtual Information & Listening Session

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DRW’s Protection and Advocacy for Individuals with Mental Illnesses (PAIMI) program provides advocacy assistance to protect the human and civil rights of children and adults with serious mental health conditions. This work is supported by a PAIMI Advisory Council, who advises DRW’s staff, and the Board of Directors on policies and issues that affect people with mental illnesses and sets priorities for the Protection and Advocacy Program.

The DRW PAIMI Advisory Council invites you to join us for a virtual session to learn about DRW’s advocacy assistance for people with mental illnesses, share ideas and thoughts on the support and resources most needed for people with mental health needs, and provide suggestions on priorities for DRW’s mental health advocacy.

The session is being offered as part of the 2021 Peer Recovery Conference. It is open to conference participants and others. We are especially interested in hearing from people who receive mental health services.

DRW PAIMI Advisory Council has openings for two members. Further details and an application form are available on our website here. The following positions we are seeking for the council are:

  • Parent of a minor child who receives mental health services.
  • A mental health services provider. Providers include individuals who work at facilities, group homes, or community programs.