DVC Statement on WEC Report on Barriers That Affect Voters

Person using as accessible voting machine

The Wisconsin Election Commission (WEC) has released their report, Barriers to Voting Faced by Elderly Voters and Voters with Disabilities. This report is issued every two years and addresses accessibility of Wisconsin polling places and elections. It was filed yesterday. This year’s report is now posted on the WEC website here (direct link to pdf).

The Disability Vote Coalition has released a statement on the report, recognizing the work the WEC has done and providing our recommendations to advance the accessibility of Wisconsin elections. Read the DVC’s statement here (accessible pdf).

We encourage you to share the report and our statement with your state legislators. To find contact information for your state legislators, go to the Legislature’s home page and select Who Are My Legislators? to view the state district map or input your address into the Find Your Legislator look-up.