Governor Evers makes appointments to Task Force on Caregiving

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Governor Evers has made appointments to the Governor’s Task Force on Caregiving. The Task Force was created in February when Evers created Executive Order #11. The Governor created the Task Force in an effort to address the workforce shortage in caregivers, an issue that was discussed as part of the state budget. Congratulations to DRW’s Bill Crowley who was appointed by Governor Evers to serve on the Task Force.

The Task Force is charged with:

  • Analyzing strategies to attract and retain a strong direct care workforce;
  • Supporting families providing care for their loved ones through respite services and other supports;
  • Assessing compensation and fringe benefits for caregivers including ways to make healthcare affordable for the caregiving workforce through employer-sponsored plans, Medicaid buy-in plans, or other health insurance coverage options;
  • Establishing one or more registries of home care providers and developing a plan to provide referral or matching services for individuals in need of home care;
  • Developing a plan to implement recruitment and retention programs to expand the pool of providers; and
  • Exploring and developing solutions, in collaboration with other relevant departments and agencies, to support and strengthen the direct care workforce, increase access, and improve the quality of caregiving in Wisconsin.

The first Task Force meeting will be Wednesday, September 25.

This press release from the Office of the Governor has more information and a list of appointees to the Governor’s Task Force on Caregiving.