Governor Evers signs Act 118 regulating seclusion and restraint

Governor Evers, Joanne Johnke and Sally Flaschberger

On March 2, 2020, Governor Evers signed into law Act 118 which makes improvements to Wisconsin law regulating the use of restraint and seclusion in Wisconsin schools. This has been a top priority for Disability Rights Wisconsin and it’s very gratifying to see it become law.

On behalf of the students, parents and staff this law will help — thank you to everyone who worked so hard to advance this much needed change.

Act 118 requires that restraint and seclusion data be reported to DPI as well as school boards, requires schools to convey a written incident report to parents, requires that the principal meet with the staff who participated in the incident to discuss the sequence of events and strategies to prevent future incidents, and explicitly prohibits prone restraint.

Group standing with Governor Evers for signing of Act 118