DRW congratulates Governor Evers for his efforts on behalf of people with disabilities

Governor Tony Evers

In his State of the State speech last night, Governor Evers highlighted two important legislative successes last year for people with disabilities and he identified an important priority for the coming year.

One of these successes was a bipartisan effort resulting in the passage of Wisconsin Act 48, which changed a polling place rule that was a barrier to some people with disabilities.  We were pleased that the Governor recognized DRW’s and advocacy partners’ successful efforts to ensure that individuals with disabilities are now able to fully access their right to vote.

The State of the State also noted the bipartisan support in the budget for the first increase in special education funding in 10 years.  This is a promising start.  However, more needs to be invested to support students with special education needs so they can reach their full potential.  We ask policy makers to build on this positive step.

Governor Evers announced new initiatives focused on Wisconsin farmers.  One of them is aimed at increasing the access to mental health services for farmers.  DRW is heartened to see attention brought to the significant mental health needs of our farming community; however, more needs to be done to address the serious lack of mental health services available in all rural areas of our state.

“As a statewide disability rights organization, Disability Rights Wisconsin looks forward to working with the Governor and policy makers to continue improving the lives of people with disabilities in the state,” said Lea Kitz, Executive Director.

Here is a printable version of this press release (accessible pdf).