Victim Advocacy Program Awareness Poster

Care about people with disabilities victimized by crime, Share- help is available from Disability Rights Wisconsin, Be aware of warning signs of possible abuse. The Victim Advocacy Program provides direct advocacy and support services to individuals with disabilities who experience crime, regardless if it has been reported. For more information about the Victim Advocacy Program and warning signs: Victim Advocacy: 1-800-928-8778,, This is not an emergency service. In the event of an emergency, please call 911. Disability Rights Wisconsin

The Victim Advocacy Program, in partnership with a local marketing firm who provided donated services to our program, recently created the awareness poster shown here.  It is designed to be posted wherever people with disabilities might see it such as the reception area of a service provider, bathrooms, places of worship, and local community centers.  If you are interested in obtaining a poster for display, please contact or call (608) 267-0214.