Voter Advocacy in the News

Voters standing at voting stations

Advocates from voter rights groups, including Barbara Beckert from Disability Rights Wisconsin, were interviewed by Wisconsin Eye Newsmakers and Wisconsin Public Radio this week.

Wisconsin Eye Newsmakers: Voter Advocacy Groups Preview the November Election

On October 18, 2018, Senior Producer Steve Walters sat down with voter advocacy groups to preview the November election. Jay Heck from Common Cause, Erin Grunze from League of Women Voters and Barbara Beckert from Disability Rights Wisconsin were on the panel.

Wisconsin Public Radio: Poll Accessibility Still a Challenge for Disability Community

We are regularly encouraged to ‘get out the vote.’ For some, it is harder than it sounds. The law requires that polling places be accessible to individuals with disabilities, but that’s not always the case. On top of that, transportation, photo I.D. and lack of education for poll workers can all become barriers to voting for a citizen with a disability. We discuss the many challenges the disability community faces while exercising their civic duty and where they can go for help.

NOTE: Disability Rights Wisconsin hosts an election day hotline at 1-844-DISVOTE or 1-844-347-8683.