Areas of Focus

Protection and Advocacy: Areas of Focus


At Disability Rights Wisconsin (DRW), we have a broad range of advocacy services we can offer to residents of Wisconsin who have disabilities.

Our Protection and Advocacy programs broadly focuses on:

  • Ensuring people are protected from abuse and neglect
  • Ensuring people have access to the services and supports they need
  • Supporting people with disabilities to participate and engage with their communities
  • Fighting against discrimination
  • Protecting the rights of students with disabilities to education
  • Protecting the rights of people with disabilities for self-determination and having autonomy over their lives.

Annual Plan

Each year, the Protection and Advocacy programs develop annual plans that establishes goals in each program area for the year based on current trends and critical issues facing people with disabilities.  These plans are developed with public input from people in the disability community.

Public Input

You can help us by providing DRW with feedback and ideas about issues that are affecting people with disabilities in Wisconsin.   Whether you are a person with a disability, their family member, or represent another organization, we appreciate hearing from you and welcome your ideas and comments. If you would like to give input you can fill out our contact form.