Assembly Committee Advances Voting Bill – AB168

Barbara Beckert holding a Wisconsin Disability Vote Coalition t-shirt and Ramsey Lee

On May 29th, AB 168 was passed unanimously by the Wisconsin Assembly Committee on Campaigns and Elections. Disability Rights Wisconsin supported this bill which would clarify the requirement for stating name and address prior to voting. Under the bill, if a voter is unable to state his or her name and address, the voter may present his or her identification to the election official. The election official, or another person selected by the voter, must then state the voter’s name and address.

Thanks to Representative Zimmerman for sponsoring this bill, and to the committee members who supported it. Thanks also to disability advocate Ramsey Lee who shared with Representative Zimmerman concerns that the current requirement is discriminatory for some voters with a disability, leading to the introduction of AB 168. Testimony from Disability Rights Wisconsin provided legislators with complaints from voters with disabilities who had experienced discrimination because of the current requirement.

The next step will be a vote in the full Assembly. You can contact your legislator about AB 168.  For contact information, use the “Who Are My Legislators” lookup