Update on the State Budget and Medicaid Expansion

DRW staff standing with Governor Evers

DRW has supported Medicaid expansion in the state budget, because it will benefit people with disabilities by providing access to critical services, helping to address the caregiver crisis and leveraging $1.6 billion in additional funding for vital services.

Last night, the legislature’s budget writing committee announced they plan to remove Medicaid expansion from the budget; this removes the funding source for many investments that would positively impact people with disabilities and older adults. It is likely that many of these programs may not be funded at all or receive significantly less funding than proposed.

As the Joint Finance Committee begins deliberation on the budget, we ask that policymakers come together to support these vital initiatives that are so important to the lives, health, and independence of Wisconsinites with disabilities. Wisconsin has benefited from bipartisan support for services and supports for people with disabilities.

Action Steps:

  • Contact your state Senator and State Representative by calling the toll-free legislative hotline at 1-800-362-9472. Let them know why you support Medicaid expansion and the investments that expansion makes possible.
  • Find the contact information for your state legislators.  Enter your address in the righthand corner
  • Post a picture on social media of you or your family members with a sentence or two about how Medicaid expansion would help them.

For more information, check out the Survival Coalition fact sheets on how Medicaid Expansion impacts the disability and older adult communities: