The Big Share 2024: Midday Update

The Big Share logo, with the text 10th anniversary below it.

With only twelve hours of The Big Share 2024 left to go, your support means that we are nearly a quarter of the way to our $12,000 goal!

The background is rolling Wisconsin farmland. The text reads "Disability Rights Wisconsin Big Share, Midday Update.” The current donation total is $2895. Our two sponsors' logos, TASC and Madison Partners, are at the bottom.

Peer Fundraiser Shout-outs

DRW would like to give a huge shoutout to Jill, our Executive Director, for her peer fundraiser challenge meeting her $1000 goal this morning! Catch her update on how the day’s been going very soon.

We’d also like to shout-out Corissa’s peer fundraiser, Corissa’s Quest for Equity to Empower and Protect Disability Rights, for raising her goal of $500! Congratulations and thank you for your support!

A Few Words from Our Lead Advocacy Specialist

Ellie Jarvie, our Lead Advocacy Specialist, hopped on to talk about the importance of self-determination for people with disabilities and how you can support DRW’s work.

Watch her short via Youtube here!

Set an Alarm for Our Power Hour

Our big Power Hour is coming up at 2:00 p.m., you can help us get all the way there with matches from our sponsors, Total Administrative Services Corporation (TASC), Madison Partners, and our Executive Director.

Donate to our Big Share Campaign here!