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Delores Sallis

Milwaukee, WI

I am Delores Sallis, the mother of five children. My youngest, Albert, who is 28 years old, has multiple disabilities. Additionally my 9 year old granddaughter, Liberty, has cerebral palsy.

I live in Milwaukee County and am the founder of Parent University. Parent University serves as a resource center to help navigate to systems for families with loved ones with disabilities.

I have a great passion for the families I serve because it’s hard to ask if you don’t know how to ask and how to ask. my passion calls me to encounter people in life that touch my heart, my mind, and my spirit. The parents and families I serve find that I’m willing to battle and commit to making changes that meet their needs. Many of the systems have learned that I leave no stone unturned and not battle¬†unsought that will allow my families to bring light into their world.

One of the biggest barriers my families have is meeting with the schools or other systems because they feel they might not be smart enough, strong enough, or good enough because they don’t communicate in a professional way. As my son grew up and I started supporting families, I met many of the in the school system. I set it up for them to meet with me once a month so we could share information together. For privacy reasons and to help families feel comfortable we would meet in public places, away from the educational setting. Meeting with families once a month allow people to loosen up and trust talking to the system and other peoples that might be able to help them with their own situations.

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