Update on the Wisconsin State Legislature

The Wisconsin State Capitol, set against a blue sky.

This is a busy time at the Wisconsin State Legislature with many hearings on legislation. Today DRW provided testimony on two bills that would impact people with disabilities.

Pamela Hencke provided testimony in support of AB 121 / SB 122 which would make it easier for Wisconsin residents to establish tax-exempt savings accounts for people with disabilities under the Achieving a Better Life Experience Act (ABLE).

Barbara Beckert submitted testimony opposing AB 148. This bill proposes changes to BadgerCare Plus that will result in loss or disruption of coverage for many adults and children with disabilities, increase reliance on costly emergency care, and put their health at risk, and increase administrative costs and burden.

If you want to share your views on these bills or other legislation, you can call or email your state legislators.

Find the contact information for your state legislators here: