Disability Advocates: State Budget Advocacy Opportunities

The Wisconsin State Capitol, set against a blue sky.

The state budget process is underway. Legislators will make decisions that will impact your access to mental health services, special education services, community based long term care, transportation, voting, and much more.

This is an important time to share your budget priorities with legislators. Here are some tips on how you can share your ideas and priorities with the Joint Finance Committee which is preparing the state budget.

Attend a Joint Finance Committee Public Hearing and Register to Speak

Hearing information and locations can be found on the Joint Finance Committee 2023-2025 Biennial Budget Public Comment website.

Four hearing are being held:

  • Waukesha – April 5
  • Eau Claire – April 11
  • Wisconsin Dells – April 12
  • Minocqua – April 26

See our Tips for Speaking at a JFC Hearing.

DRW will have a resource table at each hearing. Stop by and we can give you a hand to navigate the process or share budget resources.

Notice for the Joint Finance Committee Budget Hearings

Can’t attend a JFC Public Hearing? You still have options.

  • Submit written comments:
  • Key points to cover in your comments:
    • Your name, where you live, and your job if relevant.
    • Introduce your issue and how it impacts you or your family. Include a personal story or example.
    • Make your ask – share the budget proposals that matter to you and why. And be sure to say thank you!
    • If speaking at hearing, write down what you want to say and bring it with you. Be brief – speakers are limited to 2 – 3 minutes.

What’s in the budget?

Here are links to resources with information about mental health and disability related items in the budget. These can help you to prepare your comments.