Our Voices, Our Votes

A roll of I Voted stickers with the US flag on them.

Voters from across Wisconsin are contacting Disability Rights Wisconsin to express shock and disbelief after a circuit court order imposed new restrictions on ballot return assistance and drop boxes. These restrictions make it difficult and, in some cases, impossible for many voters with a disability to cast a ballot. The issue is now before the Wisconsin Supreme Court.

To elevate the voices of voters impacted by these new restrictions on voting rights, DRW is releasing “Our Voices, Our Votes” which includes statements from Wisconsin voters and family members.  We are grateful to these voters for giving permission for their statements to be shared to increase awareness of how the court ruling is creating new barriers and restricting their right to vote.

As a party to the current litigation on this issue, DRW remains optimistic that when the Wisconsin Supreme Court fully considers the merits and the rights of voters with disabilities, it will rule in support of these longstanding practices for absentee ballot return assistance.