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This page contains links to resources on the topic of voting rights of proposed wards and wards for attorneys serving as GALs or advocate counsel in guardianship cases. These materials primarily focus on restoring voting rights that were removed in the initial guardianship proceeding but will also be helpful if arguing that voting rights should not be removed when a guardian of the person is being appointed.

If you are interested in being on a referral list to provide pro bono representation to individuals currently under guardianship who are seeking to restore their voting rights, please see the link below.

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Pro Bono Opportunities

Disability Rights Wisconsin (DRW) and its Voting Rights and Guardianship Project are recruiting volunteer attorneys state-wide who are willing to be on a referral list to provide pro bono representation to individuals currently under a guardianship of the person who are seeking to restore their voting rights. Although many individuals with guardians of the person retain their right to vote, many others lost that right in the guardianship proceeding.

The focus of this pro bono representation is on amending the existing guardianship order, not full restoration. Individuals who are interested in restoring their right to vote would benefit from legal representation, including filing the sec. 54.64 (2) petition; serving the petition and notice of hearing on the parties designated by the court; preparing supporting evidence; communicating with the GAL and the examining physician/psychologist, if any; advocating at the hearing; and completing and distributing the Order and the Notice of Voting Eligibility. It is estimated that representation will take 20 hours over several months.

For more information or to sign up, contact the DRW Voter Hotline at 844-347-8683 or, or the State Bar’s pro bono portal here.

Resources for Community Members

Self-Advocacy Resources

Our self-advocacy resources have helpful guidance and further information on issues related to this topic. Learn more below:


Other places that may be able to help you:

  • Wisconsin Disability Vote Coalition website

    The Wisconsin Disability Vote Coalition (WDVC) is a non-partisan effort to increase voting turnout and participation in the electoral process among members of Wisconsin’s disability community. The Coalition is coordinated by DRW in partnership with the Wisconsin Board for People with Developmental Disabilities.

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