Guardianship and Voting

This page includes information on:

  1. the basics about guardianship and voting.
  2. how to keep the right to vote in a guardianship case.
  3. how to get the right to vote back if lost in a guardianship case.
  4. additional resources.

The Basics about Guardianship and Voting

How to Keep the Right to Vote in a Guardianship Case

How to Get Your Right to Vote Back

In Wisconsin, people under guardianship retain the right to vote unless the court expressly removes that right. These resources explain how to determine if you have retained or lost the right to vote, and, if you have lost the right to vote, how to petition the court to restore your right to vote.

Additional Resources



Guardianship and Voting: Preserving and Restoring the Right to Vote Training

For assistance with questions about voting and guardianship, contact the DRW Voter Hotline at 844-347-8683 or email

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